09 May 2008

Onestate.Org (for & against one state for Palestine/Israel) has been updated

The Online One State Bibliography in English website - http://www.onestate.org - that presents articles and essays discussing the idea of one state in Israel/Palestine (both for and against) has been updated with new material. New additions include:

I. Pro-Unity One State Articles (direct page: http://oss.internetactivist.org/PUOSA.html)

- Abunimah, Ali "Democracy: An existential threat?" Electronic Intifada
- Amayreh, Khaled "Embracing the one-state solution" Al Ahram
- Christison, Kathleen "One and Two State Solutions: The Myth of International Consensus" CounterPunch
- Cook, Jonathan "Two-State Dreamers" AntiWar.Com
- Hasan, Rumy "Just one state" Al Ahram
- Hishmeh, George S. "Back to square one" Gulf News
- Holachek, Alex "Author proposes one-state solution in Palestine" Wesleyan Argus
- Hull, Crispin "One-state solution to end Israel-Palestine conflict" Canberra Times
- Imadudeen, Ismail "Could One State Phenomenon be the Solution?" American Chronicle
- Khalidi, Ahmad Samih "Thanks, but no thanks" Guardian, 13 December 2007
- Khouri, Rami G. "Dissolve the Palestinian Authority" Daily Star (Lebanon)
- Klein, Shimon Z. "The Binational State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" Blogger News Network
- Lieberman, Dan "The Harsh Reality Of The Middle East Conflict" Counter Currents
- Mundow, Anna "Language and conflict: Interview With Saree Makdisi" Boston Globe
- Peled, Miko "Transforming Israel" Electronic Intifada, 25 March 2008
- Resmann, Nick and Santana, Maaika "Remembrance of the Naqba: Interview with Tal Dor and Nidal al-Azza" IndyMedia - Belgium
- Stern, Yoav "Adalah center says it may seek supranational regime in 'all historic Palestine'" Haaretz
- Walker, Terry "Wrestling with Jewishness" Tikkun
- Weekes, Anna "Interview with single-state activist Dr. Haider Eid" Electronic Intifada

II. Anti-Unity Ethnic Separatist Articles (direct page: http://oss.internetactivist.org/AUESA.html)

- Amdur, Reuel S. "Finklestein: Middle East powder keg ready to blow" Arab American News
- Chumbley, Lucy "Ecumenical conference in Washington D.C. seeks path to 'peace in Jerusalem'" Episcopal News Service
- Harris, Maurice "A place to call home" Register-Guard
- Isseroff, Ami "The rush to sell out Palestine and peace" MidEastWeb
- JPost Staff "Ben-Eliezer warns of bi-national state" Jerusalem Post
- Karsh, Efraim "1948, Israel, and the Palestinians: Annotated Text" Commentary Magazine
- Mendes, Philip "One State, No Solution" NewMatilda.Com
- Pinkas, Alon "Memo to the President - January 2009: Is there still a Two-State solution?" Jerusalem Post
- Rubin, Trudy "The looming threat to Israel lies within" Philadelphia Inquirer
- Warschawski, Michael "The One State Solution and Irreversibility" Alternative Information Center

III. Other Related Articles (direct page: http://oss.internetactivist.org/ORA.html)

- Abunimah, Ali "Anti-Arab racism and incitement in Israel" Electronic Intifada
- Boudreaux, Richard and Khalil, Ashraf "For some Palestinians, one state with Israel is better than none" Los Angeles Times
- Seale, Patrick "Death of the Two-State Solution" PatrickSeale.Com
- Slackman, Michael "Arab Leaders Say the Two-State Proposal Is in Peril" New York Times
- Susser, Leslie "One Land: How Many States?" The Jerusalem Report
- Whitbeck, John V. "If Kosovo, Why Not Palestine?" Media Monitors

If you know of other articles that should be included but are not, please feel free to forward them to us via http://books.dreambook.com/colsol/oss.sign.html or reply to this message.